1. Responsive PrestaShop Template - ET Boutique

Responsive PrestaShop Template - ET Boutique

It's classic and it's also modern, but no conflict, just a nice harmony. That's the feeling Eggthemes Boutiques gives visitors. Black and white, that's classic. Revolution slideshow and visual effect animation, that's modern. Especially, Eggthemes Boutiques is a typical “less is more” with very little details displayed but every details worth its space and mean to serve the purpose of impress visitors. If you want to do business with fashion, from clothes, shoes or accessories, you will need a design like this.

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2. Actiwear - Minimal Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Actiwear - Minimal Responsive PrestaShop Theme

The newest theme from EggThemes, Actiwear, is where simplicity and flexibility work best.

Red and black in the classic white background. A neat, clean layout in which featured product categories are well-organized. It seems to be simple but it is effective in helping customers easily find out what they look for.

It is flexible to custom the theme by your own with Theme setting features. You can change template default color, product grid view, background image, etc., Everything depends on how you want, just make the theme most fit your business

In Actiwear, you will find all you need for an online fashion store. A drop-down menu which allows you to show more than just name and price of products but also its image and other basic information to provide for customers. A slideshow to display your most attractive items. The huge number of products can be classified into groups by product module. Special product module puts Sales products into a certain category and sticks a Sales Off sign on it. To make it more interesting, slider feature is equipped. And, for marketing purpose, social networks are all included.

Let experience yourself!!!

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3. Responsive Dress Store PrestaShop Theme - InStyle

Responsive Dress Store PrestaShop Theme - InStyle

Presthemes proudly introduce one of the finest Prestashop templates for online fashion store – InStyle. Presthemes InStyle has an amazing look which brings visitors exciting feel. And, as the shop owner, you will be surprised with its powerful features.

First, Presthemes InStyle is a responsive design that makes you will not need mobile version to make your online store look beautiful in mobile devices. Your site is always perfectly ready for customers to shop anytime, in any device they want.
Secondly, there is no more blank, boring background. With InStyle, your site's background can be interesting with image and style.
If you want to make it more stylish, Theme Editor feature will be helpful. Free custom color, google font for many elements, two css modes for box and wide, and Products Grid and List view, you are good to go.

In terms of feature, Mega Menu Block provides dropdown options, Slideshow with many impressive slider effect, Quickview and one-step Add to cart are all aimed to give your site the foundation to best serve customers and boost the sale. Moreover, you can choose to use the Blog function to support your relationship with customers besides social networks. Still, many other amazing things about Presthemes InStyle for you to explore.

So that, either you are planning to open an online store with Prestashop or you are running one but finding the new look and feel for the site, you are at the right place.

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4. ET Fashion Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

ET Fashion Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Eggthemes Fashionixx has red color dominating its homepage on a simple white background. The theme's layout is well-organized with featured products and promotional spaces. Slideshow is impressive with some visual effects and multi-layer. The designer knew how to attract visitor's attention most effectively. And, that makes Eggthemes Fashionixx a smart choice as a Prestashop eCommerce solution for online fashion shops.

Cost effectively with Responsive. Eggthemes Fashionixx allows your online fashion store run in all kinds of devices, from PC to smart phone. Theme Editor allows changes in Theme color, background image and some other factors so that each shop owner can personalize their store. Moreover, Mega Menu is effectively helpful in allowing customers to quickly find their favorite items.

Other trendy features and functions, such as Quick Shop or Blog and more, are also contained in Presthemes Fashionixx. Let's find out by yourself with Demo!!!

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5. Fashion Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme - Voluthat

Fashion Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme - Voluthat

No like other Prestashop templates, Presthemes Voluthat shines in a very different way. That's the way blocks are creatively arranged and also in how visual effects are applied in each block.

Instead of horizontal Mega Menu and a slideshow, Presthemes Voluthat has Menu put in a slide while Promotions and special items are on blocks. Featured products and New collection category are nicely placed at the centre for more attention. Supported Back-to-Top module to allow customers quickly get back to top of the page.

Other trendy modules of Prestashop, such as Theme Editor, multi-currency and language, as well as one step Add to cart, are also fully supported.

Use Presthemes Voluthat to make your dream online fashion store come true. That's easy!

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6. Wedding Responsive Prestashop Theme - WeddingDay

Wedding Responsive Prestashop Theme - WeddingDay

An inspiring full-width slideshow, some pastel colors and creativity have made an amazing template for wedding websites – WeddingDay

Although it looks simple, WeddingDay still shines every one items in the site with a neat, well-organized layout and creative page structure as well as visual effects. The theme was also featured with a big package of most trendy features and functions for Prestashop templates. Featured products are sorted out in categories, featured categories are displayed under scroll effect and a mega menu is very helpful in guiding customers to their favorite products. A friendly search engine, multiple language and currency are all supported to make sure customers happily and conveniently shop in your store. And, very importantly, Responsive Web Design feature is fully supported in this template and save your money in mobile version for your website.

You are going to be surprised as all your needs are fulfilled by WeddingDay template. Find out how it does…

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