Are you a small business with a local storefront thinking about selling online? Not sure if online shopping is a trend or the future? As an ecommerce software provider, we would (of course) say you definitely need an online shop. But just saying so isn’t enough.

Today we support our claim with our article titled, “From bricks to clicks: 5 reasons you need to sell online today.” We’re sharing the limitations of a traditional brick and mortar and showing you how an online shop complements your retail shop to help you get the best of both worlds.

1. Your shop is not open 24/7.

When is your current shop open? 8:00AM -7:00PM? What happens to customers who want to shop long after your shop has closed? Closing your shop is literally turning customers at your door, away.

Sure, you can keep your shop open longer. However, the overhead to do so is significantly more than creating an online shop – especially with PrestaShop’s free open source software. The best thing about online shops? They are open 24/7. By launching one, you easily extend your store hours.

2. Some customers cannot physically go to your shop.

Many business owners are familiar with this phrase: “location, location, location”. When running a retail shop, the success of your shop is due in large to its location. If it is not convenient for customers to get to your store, you can kiss them goodbye.

Opening an online shop allows everyone in the country, or even the world, to access your shop! Suddenly your shop’s location is no longer an issue. You are no longer limited to selling just to customers in your neighborhood.

3. Shelf space is limited.

Just as important as your retail shop’s location, is the amount of shelf space you have. As a retail shop owner, you know all too well that products need to be positioned and lit properly in your showroom. This limits the number of products you can display at a given time.

With your online shop, the number of products you can display is unlimited. Your challenge will be to make great product pages that are easy to navigate. Start with gorgeous product images then compliment them with great product descriptions. Then help customers navigate your shop with a keyword driven website structure. With these 3 things in place, you are ready to expand your product selection beyond the shelf space of your retail shop.

4. Profits are limited through one sales channel.

Selling through a retail location is just one of the many channels you can use. Opting for just one channel limits your ability to increase profits because you are limiting your customer base. In short, by limiting customers you also limit your sales.

Grow your business and sell more by adding a new sales channel – an online shop. You will target a wider customer base, and sell a larger volume of products. This will put you in the position to negotiate better inventory rates from suppliers and increase profit margins for your business overall.

5. Self-promotions appear untrustworthy.

No matter how great the products you sell are, positive product reviews that come directly from you will always appear sales-y and fake. After all, no shop owner will ever speak badly about their product(s).

This is why having an online shop can benefit your retail shop. One of the greatest advantages of an online shop is the ability to leverage social proof. Customer reviews and testimonials build credibility in your products because this promotion comes from someone who doesn’t benefit from saying that the product is good.

In a nutshell

If you’re already have a retail shop, your online store simply becomes an extension of your current shop. Selling online will extend your shop’s reach, product selection and hours of operation. By doing so, you increase the number of potential customers, which can translate into additional sales.

Have we convinced you to open an online shop to expand your brick and mortar store? Start selling online with PrestaShop’s shopping cart software. Already selling both online and offline? Tell us which reason is your favorite in the comments below.

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