Have you ever thought about the purpose of the links on the footer of every website? How about the static pages those links take you, such as the “About Us”, “Delivery”, “Legal Notice” or “Terms and Conditions”?

Even if tiny fonts and complex sentence structures make you want to ignore their existence, these pages can affect your brand’s reputation, your store’s reliability and most importantly, your company’s legal status.

This article guides you through the process of writing your online store’s CMS pages, and explains how to add and modify them in your PrestaShop Back Office.

1. Look around

Just look, don’t look-copy-paste move. Every company’s needs are different and your CMS pages should be customized to fit them. This doesn’t mean you can’t check out your competition. On the contrary, your competitors can sometimes be your best guide!

Locate your competitors’ list of CMS pages and check them out! Analyze their content, strong points, weak points, tone of voice, and layout (including screenshots, videos, and forms). You now have a good framework to help you work the next step: self-analysis.

2. Think of your company

Brainstorm and define the 2 most important aspects of your CMS page content:

1. What to communicate- Imagine you are a customer visiting your online store for the first time. What kind of information would you like to have at the tip of your fingers? Some examples include information on: the company, who to contact with questions, how to make a purchase, the return process, shipping. Compare your ideas with the previous analysis of your competitors’ CMS pages, and create a final list of topics you’d like to communicate.
2. How to communicate it – The tone of voice and your content should reflect your company’s culture. Keep in mind that even if your culture is friendly and relaxed, CMS pages like the Terms and Conditions, or the Privacy Policy are legally binding, so consult a legal advisor.

3. Decide which type of CMS page you need

CMS pages fall into one of three categories. We listed each type, recommended important pages and detailed their purpose. Whether you are looking to write content from scratch or rewrite an existing page, remember that each type is necessary because they each affect your company differently.

a. Information Pages
About Us”, “Contact Us”
Tell compelling stories and inspire your shoppers with these pages to build trust in your brand. The more human your company appears, the more trust you generate; and trust is directly related to sales. This applies to all online stores, regardless of your product.
b. Process / Procedure Pages
Shipping Policy”, “Refunds and Exchanges”
Explain every step of the purchasing process, including delivery procedures. If you sell internationally, explain how it works. If you offer discounts, include an explanation of how they are redeemed and if they are cumulative. If customers can return your product, make sure you clearly state how to return it, under which conditions, additional costs, whether return postage is included and whether they’ll receive a cash or store credit.

c. Legal Pages
Terms and Conditions” or “Secure Payment”
Protect your company with legal documents. As your company will be legally bound to them, consult a legal advisor to ensure you are fully protected. We’ll talk about them in detail below.

4. Find the perfect page title

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect title for your pages. No worries! We put together this list of common CMS pages, a short description of each and two catchy titles to get you started.

Company Information Pages

About Us – share the history and news of your company.

  • Our Story
  • About [Insert Company Name]

Contact Us – list phone numbers, emails, or office addresses.

  • We’re here for you
  • Give us a shout!

Careers – display job openings on your site.

  • Love what you do
  • Do you have what it takes?

Our Team – talk about the team running your shop.

  • What makes us different
  • The dream team

Our Stores – list retail locations (if any).

  • Visit us in [Insert Location]
  • Stop on by

Process / Procedure Pages

Shipping Policy – list shipping carriers, speeds (or times) and corresponding fees.

  • From our warehouse to you
  • Deliveries

International Shipping – detail international shipping locations, carriers, taxes, regulations, and most importantly any fees.

  • We ship everywhere!
  • Not sure if we ship to you?

Returns and Exchanges – tell customers if and how they can return or exchange merchandise.

  • Didn’t like it? No worries
  • How returns work

Coupons and Promotions – list discounts with their conditions.

  • Beauty Deals
  • More ways to save

Legal Pages
Due to the nature of these pages, we suggest keeping these titles as they are so that they are easy to find.

Terms and Conditions – define your company, its official name, location, jurisdiction, as well as any copyrights and trademarks. Next, define your product, its uses, warranties and limitations. List the selling process in including all the conditions of sale. Include a “limitation of liability” that limits damages resulting from the use of your product. Finally, include a modification clause that allows you to periodically update this document. Draft your terms and conditions using this generator, then have your lawyer review the document.

  • Terms of Use
  • Terms of Service

Privacy Policy – detail your policy on customer data. It should answer: What customer information do you collect, which do you store, do you track customer activities, and how is that data used?

Secure Payment – clarify your payment solutions and detail the payment structure, deadlines, processes, verification, and what happens when payments aren’t completed. If you charge additional international payment processing fees, include them here.

  • Payment Terms
  • Payment Options

Community Rules – list rules for interacting within your community, like writing reviews or participating on your forums and blogs. Be sure to state consequences of not abiding by the rules, to include content removal or banned user accounts. Also remember, as important as it is to list these rules, they are only effective if you actively enforce them.

  • Community Guidelines
  • Respect the Community

5. Write the content

Here are tips to keep in mind when writing CMS page content:

  • Cover only the topics relevant to your industry and your company.
  • Write in simple English, using legal jargon only when necessary.
  • Avoid unclear or undefined points, be specific.
  • Communicate with a voice that represents your company’s culture.
  • Keep your text short and concise.
  • Organize your content into appropriate sections and headings.
  • If you don’t have enough content to fill out an entire section, combine them.

We’ve given you all the tools you need to write great CMS pages. Now it’s your turn.

6. Integrate your pages

If you are a PrestaShop user, your online store comes with a set of default pages. It is essential that you update these pages and create new ones once you have new titles and content ready. Access them through your BACK OFFICE > PREFERENCES > CMS.

7. Update and maintain

Keep your CMS pages current with updated information. An outdated Contact Us page with an invalid phone number can negatively affect your company’s reputation. More importantly, an obsolete Legal page can result in serious legal issues! Set a reminder to update and maintain your CMS pages.

Please note that this guide is informative, and does not constitute legal advice.

Ready to create great CMS pages for your online store? Download PrestaShop’s free ecommerce software to get started! Already a CMS expert, share your tips in the comments!

(Source from prestashop.com. Read the original article here)

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